Tight Songs - Episode #24Artwork by Rob Lewis.
Low Leaf and Zeroh's European tour kicks off this weekend (w/ Ras_G on select dates)Full schedule below:
Sep 13 - SWITZERLAND, Luzern @ Südpol (w/ Ras_G)Sep 18 - FRANCE, Bordeaux @ Echo A Venir Festival (Low Leaf solo performance w/ live visual artist)Sep 20 - FRANCE, Bordeaux @ Echo A Venir Festival (w/ Ras_G)Sep 25 - FRANCE, Dijon @ TRIBU FESTIVAL (w/ Ras_G)Sep 26 - GERMANY, Mannheim @ Alter FeuerwarcheSep 30 - UK, Nottingham @ Running HorseOct 01 - FRANCE, Villeurbanne @ Rumble Festival (w/ Ras_G)Oct 02 - UK, London @ Electrowerkz (w/ Ras_G)Oct 03 - GREECE, Athens @ Bios Oct 04 - ITALY, Carpi @ Mattatoio Culture Club
Artwork by Jim Mahfood
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Low Leaf graces the cover of the new issue of L.A. RecordSpecial thanks to Andres Reyes for the write-up
Tight Songs is back with #4 in our Guest Selects mix series,by Ohbliv - in support of his new MindGarden tape, out now on Thrash Flow
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Artwork by Gangster Doodles
Tight Songs - Episode #13Artwork by Keren Olisahttp://xray.fm/broadcasts/view/2009


she said she hopes i can just make ‘1 hit’ so i could be famous and ‘accomplish something’… i explained i don’t want to be famous. she asked me what i want. i said ‘to heal people through music’.. she had a look on her face.. ‘well, take your time’ she said….. knowing the filipino ways, i held my tongue…. being the only musician out of my family’s doctor friends’ children who became doctors, lawyers, and have corporate jobs, i’ve always been compared and looked down upon bc i went an alternate path. i’ve grown and experienced so much since i started releasing my music in 2011. i almost felt like everything i had accomplished thus far was worth nothing because i don’t make as much money as i would in a normal job compromising my true purpose for material stability. i refuse to feel ashamed for being an artist who doesn’t get as much shine as one would quantify as success.. true wealth cannot be bought… and i’ll follow my heart until i pass into the next form… cuz us creators, artists, and healers… we know something, that they don’t…. something that they’ve long forgotten… n we can’t talk about it.. we just be about it…. so i’m glad i held my tongue afterall…

watch me grow…


FSX-003:Low LeafAKASHAALAYAvailable now on Fresh Selects: http://freshselects.bandcamp.com/album/akashaalayPhoto by Joe AshDesign & Layout by Nate JamesTitles, Drawing & Being Low Leaf by Low Leaf.